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Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93, 5 lb Chocolate Fudge

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Contains essential nutrients
The Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93contains 100% IsoChill whey protein isolate, which is a functional whey protein isolate, processed by a novel ultra-low temperature micro-filtration process. This protein contains a perfect balance of undenatured bioactive whey proteins, including immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, and glycomacropeptid. It is derived from sweet whey, is membrane filtered, and spray dried by indirect heat to ensure a supplement with high quality. This supplement also contains colostrum, which improves important biological activities when given to adults.

Increases glutamine level
After an intense workout session, your glutamine level in the muscles is decreased, causing your muscles to break down. This Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 provides the lost glutamine complex to your body, which preserves muscles and improves nitrogen balance. With an external supplementation of glutamine, your muscles get an anabolic boost, which enhances your muscle performance and thus reduces your recovery time. Glutamine is easily absorbed by your body. So, it enters your muscles fast and performs essential metabolic functions.

Maintains insulin metabolism
This supplement optimizes insulin metabolism and supports the muscle-building process. It contains alpha-lipoic acid, d-pinitol and 4-hydroxyisoleucine, which improve insulin efficiency and sensitivity. A high uptake of blood sugar by muscles can lead to enhanced glycogen synthesis, which leads to gaining of lean muscle. Also, the Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 contains a blend of digestive aids, protease and lactase, which ensure superior digestibility. With each scoop, you get a high amount of Iso-Chill whey protein isolate, which gets easily absorbed by your muscles, and provides you with massive energy and increased muscle size. So, you can easily consume this protein supplement regularly in orer to reach your desired goals.

Weight  5 lb
Number of Servings  69
Serving Size  33 g
Protein per Serving  30 g
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian  Vegetarian
Weight (kg)  2.3
Manufactured in  USA
Flavour  Chocolate Fudge
Form  Powder
Packaging  Bucket
Goal  Muscle Building 

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