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ON (Optimum Nutrition) Serious Mass, 12 lb Strawberry

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50g of Protein per Serving of 334g

In every serving of this supplement, you get 50 grams of protein and creatine, glutamine and glutamic acid to fuel your hard working muscles and for a faster muscle recovery.

Weight gain formula enhanced with 1250 calories per serving  

Along with fulfilling 100% of your daily protein requirement, it also gives you 1250 calories and a massive 252g of carbs per serving so that you gain dense slabs of muscle mass.

Enhanced with 25 Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Enriched with 25 vital nutrients, it fuflills your body's nutritional requirement, keeping you focused on your fitness goals. Other key energy accelerators like creatine and glutamine give you intense burst of energy, reduce catabolism and speed up your recovery phase post-workout.

Weight (kg)  5.4
Number of Servings  16
Serving Size  334 g
Calories per Serving  1250
Protein per Serving  50 g
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian  Non-Vegetarian 
Weight  12 lb
Flavour  Strawberry
Packaging  Packet
Form  Powder
Goal  Bulking Up 
Flavor Base  Chocolate

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