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Inner Armour Hard Mass Gainer, Chocolate 5 lb

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If you want to bulk up your muscles, then opt for Inner Armour Hard Mass Gainer. It is a dietary supplement that can help you gain extra calories and nutrients without adding to your fat. Thus, it can work wonders by helping you in gaining weight, and at the same time building your muscles and strength. Formulated with carbohydrates, protein, creatine and essential nutrients, this supplement can be taken in the form of shake after your workout sessions. It  is also enhanced with amino acids that support muscle function and reduce muscle breakdown. Thus, it not only helps in the development of your muscles, but also protects your hard-gained muscle mass. It minimises muscles fatigue and soreness. So bring home this mass-gaining supplement and achieve your fitness goals.

Weight (kg) 2.3
Number of Servings 7
Serving Size 335 g
Calories per Serving 1277
Protein per Serving 50 g
Protein Carb Ratio 1/5.3
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Non-Vegetarian
Weight 5 lb
Flavour Chocolate
Manufactured in USA
Packaging Jar
Form Powder
Goal Bulking Up

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