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The Story Behind MyON Fitness

MyON Fitness is founded by Vikas Dhavaria. This site  is not just an e-commerce site but a mission to fight the fake products in India and to aware all the fitness enthusiasts.

Bodybuilding in India is not a cheap sport. And the monetary outputs are way less than what goes on to building a great physique. Due to this single reason the so called trainers and bodybuilders have no other option but to sell supplements as a side business other than competing. They have got all the access to these grey market suppliers and the result is the selling of fake products to the teenagers and beginners who have no knowledge about workouts and nutrition but just because these Bodybuilders have the credibility factor in their favor due to their physiques, the innocent ones end up getting duped. I’ve been their and I know how it feels when someone robs you from your hard earned money or even your pocket money and still all you get is a shitty supplement that doesn’t give you any results and jeopardizes your health.

About half of the supplements sold in India are suspect - they are either parallel imports or fake. Fake supplements may contain banned substances, such as steroids, which may cause permanent damage to your body. Our mission is to deliver you the genuine products at good price.

As obvious, if you can get 100% genuine supplements at good price, right before your doorsteps... then why would you go for fake and cheap supplements.

If you want to ask anything about fitness, health, supplements and workouts... you can contact us directly.


Girish gawas

Girish gawas said:

I want to open a shop in goa so I need your product so you’ll like to supply then please contact me

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