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The Importance of Nutrition for a Healthy and Muscular Body

Training is very important for a muscular body but it is only 20 percent. Training stimulates muscle growth but for your training to work, your body needs sufficient amount of nutrition. Nutrition is 80 percent of your total program, and most difficult part too. Training is just one hour spent in the gym, but for proper nutrition you have to work for 24 hours a day.

Most of the guys I see in the gym, working too much hard with weights but don’t know anything about nutrition. Due to this lack of knowledge they are not getting results. If you know what to eat and when to eat, you can get bigger, leaner, stronger and healthier too. It will also help you to recover faster from heavy workouts, good healthy skin and healthy functioning of liver, kidney, heart and all other internal organs.

Everyone is work hard in gym. You are doing bench presses two times a week as others are doing, but only few are getting results. If you will watch online videos of bodybuilders, powerlifters or weightlifers on youtube… you will come to know that they are doing almost the same exercises that you are doing  for last 5 years or more. You are doing the same reps, same sets and almost same exercises but still not getting results even after these many years. So what is the reason? Have you ever thought about it? I tell you clearly… it is NUTRITION.

Today science has researched in this field a lot deeper and we know far more about it. There are different kinds of supplements too… which makes it so much easy to follow our nutritional needs. It has become too much easy today to get a body that you dream of; but it all depends on how much you know about nutrition and how perfectly you follow it.
So you must understand the basic principles of nutrition to get optimum results from training. In the next article we will discuss the basic components of nutrition. Stay connected.

Thank you.

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