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Difference Between Original & Fake Supplements

Bodybuilding in India is not a cheap sport. And the monetary outputs are way less than what goes on to building a great physique. Due to this single reason the so called trainers and bodybuilders have no other option but to sell supplements as a side business other than competing. They have got all the access to these grey market suppliers and the result is the selling of fake products to the teenagers and beginners who have no knowledge about workouts and nutrition but just because these Bodybuilders have the credibility factor in their favour due to their physiques, the innocent ones end up getting duped. I’ve been their and I know how it feels when someone robs you from your hard earned money or even your pocket money and still all you get is a shitty supplement that doesn’t give you any results and jeopardizes your health.

So, how do you spot the fake from the genuine? Here are the top ways to Identify Fake Supplements in India:

1. The Authorised Dealer Logo Test

Whenever someone wants to import or distribute bodybuilding supplements in India, they have to buy a license number which should always be there on your supplement.

There are very few distributors who actually have a license to import and supply bodybuilding supplements in India. It is Mandatory for them to provide information like import date, mfg. date, expiry date, rate etc. on supplement containers as genuineness declaration.

2. Quality of the Packaging and Seal Test

The imported supplements have to go through a lot of Quality Checks before they are ready to be manufactured all around the world. Especially the packaging quality standards are super high. So next time whenever you buy a supplement which has any kind of spelling errors in the description or any variation in its Supplement Facts as described on the Supplement Companies website, there’s a big chance your supplement is fake.

3. The Mixability Test

The Whey Protein is number one on our list when it comes to identify fake supplements in India. And the thing about 99% of Top Branded Whey Proteins is the ease of their mixability. 5-6 years earlier it was almost impossible to detect a fake supplement by this test as only a few brands really had amazing mixability.

But now the mixability quality has definitely become a priority when it comes to designing Whey Protein Supplements. There must be no clumps or residue left once you shake a scoop for about 30 seconds in water at normal temperature. If there are clumps or any residue, there is a huge chance, your supplement is fake.

4. The Taste Test

Now this one is really tricky. Most of the time if your supplement has passed all the above tests, then only you should consider doing a taste test. There are two ways to identify a fake supplement by judging from their taste:

  • Check and read the user reviews on other bodybuilding forums for the taste and if you are not getting the same taste with your supplement then there’s a big chance it’s fake.

  • Secondly if you’ve already used the same brand and flavour before but getting different taste this time around, it is fake unless the supplement company has declared some new flavour formula in recent time.

5. The Barcode Test

Personally I am not a big fan of this one that’s why I kept it for last. The thing is, even if your supplement’s barcode is valid on Internet, still anyone can tamper with the ingredients inside. So do not just take the Barcode Test as the only validity for a Genuine Supplement.

But definitely Devil Lives in Details and it can become really obvious for you if there is no validity for the bar code which suggests that the supplement is fake. But make sure even if the bar code is fine, you must check test it through all the above 4 tests.

6. Check The Label

The most important thing when understanding “how to detect fake supplements” is doing your research and check the labels. Fake supplements usually have different fonts, spelling mistakes, misalignment of logos and even wrong colors. Even the tagline may be incorrect so this is your first step to understand whether the supplement that you bought is fake or original. 

Also, whats even baffling is that the nutritional labels are incorrect. Meaning sometimes fake supplements will list ingredients that weren’t put in the original to begin with. How do I know this? Because how to read nutrition labels is an asset that one should use to identify hidden calories and misconstrued ingredients.

7. Check the manufacture date

I know this is standard practice for buying any product but this is where major supplement counterfeits slip. Usually the manufacture date for the said product is on the bottom of the jar, or on the side of the lid or rarely on the jar itself. Check all three, and if it’s not present, then the product is fake. The manufacture date itself needs to be logical as there are numerous products who have futuristic manufacture dates. Meaning some of them are made in 2019 while we sit and buy them in 2016. Speaking of which, the LOT number should also be checked. If the format is wrong, the supplement is fake.

8. Incorrect Hologram

The easiest way to identify a fake supplement is the hologram. Since many reputed brands logos are instantly recognizable, so if the incorrect hologram can mean two things. First, the logo/hologram in question is not correct and the second being the incorrect placement of the correct/incorrect logo. Yes, it does sound complicated but the motive here is to get you the best for your money’s worth.

Final Thoughts

Before concluding Check out these few tips to protect yourself from these Fake Supplements:

  1. Try to buy only from authorised dealers. Yes it will cost you few extra bucks but it’s much better than consuming cheap stuff.
  2. Always ask for the bill from the retailer and refrain from buying anything without it.
  3. Never buy from any Bodybuilder, Coaches or Gym Instructors.
  4. Stay Vigilant, keep updating yourself with feedback from your gym friends and their reviews about different brands

Yes, it is not easy to identify fake supplements in India but if you stop going by your instincts and use your brains you will become an Fake Supplement Detector in no time.

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