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Confused Between Direct Seller Site & Marketplace Site?

What is a marketplace site?

There are many sites on internet where you often buy supplements. Almost all these sites are marketplace sites, where any merchant can sell his products. The process is too much simple. You just have to complete some formalities and can go on for selling online.

When you purchase something from these marketplace sites.... you are not actually buying from these sites... but there are sellers like you and me... who are delivering products on your doorstep.

These marketplace sites charge a good commission on selling price from these sellers. The average commission is 10 percent on selling price in food and supplement category. And as you know, all top brands don't provide a good margin to their dealers and retailers... so these sellers have to found gray or cheap products to be in competition. So there is very less chance to get a genuine product from a marketplaces.

What is a direct seller site or MyON Fitness Store?

A direct seller site is a place from where you can directly purchase from the original seller, without any mediator like marketplace. These sites are managed by a single firm. In these sites... a seller don't have to pay commission on sale to anyone, so due to no competition and reduced costs, a seller don't have to find any alternate or cheap product so you will get 100% genuine product.

MyON Fitness Store is a direct seller site managed by M/s Dhavaria Enterprises who sells authentic products, procured either directly from the manufacturer or authorized channels, as the best possible price to the consumer.

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